Connectivity with people and within; with yoga and in life

Friends and Health

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On Friends. On Health.

I tend to have more up and down days lately, and I have to say that I’ve come to rely on my friends – old and new – a whole lot more than I ever did.  There’s a part of me that gets anxious counting on people because when you open up, you expose your vulnerabilities.  But then I think, that’s what Got Ennui? is all about isn’t it? About socializing your problems.

I just got back from Panama and am so glad I went with my friend Nancy, who knows me so well and knows when to let me be and when to get me involved.  It’s so easy.  My trip to Panama also connected to my work efforts and made me realize how much I would enjoy traveling through countries to discover business and investment opportunities for clients as well as for myself.  Insight.

But I find that what I miss most these days is this notion of connectivity.  I actually think I have been missing it for quite some time now, even when I was working for a company.  This post my yoga teacher sent me really resonated with me and captured the importance of the word: connectivity.  Not just with other people, but within myself.


1. Reach out to people.  Don’t be shy.  Even in Panama I made an effort to try to meet up with random ex-pats working in the city and it made the whole trip that much more fun.  I need to hold onto that attitude with people here in NYC.

2. Do things anchored in your strengths, but reach beyond current borders and take some chances.   I’m good at credit/analytical thinking and evaluating numbers, specifically for hospitals.  But I want to take all that global so that’s the main goal of my new company even though I still intend to do work rooted in my core strengths since that gives me stability to reach beyond.

3. Collaborate to build connectivity.  I think I’ve got partners lined up for many of the projects I’ve got in the pipeline.  It’s good because it also holds me accountable.

4. Find “your people” like my NYCBFF told me in this post.  I need to apply this even to NYC, even though I’ve lived here for over 15 years.


1. No need to do everything yourself and it’s more fun working with people, especially if you need someone to share troubles and problems.  Nothing beats a project partner!

2. Call all angels.  That’s what I call it when I email or reach out to people I knew twenty years ago.  I cherish that connection, knowing people really knew me and that they didn’t just vanish from the world.  I’m not looking for a major re-connection because I understand how life moves on, etc.  It’s just a moment to remember why we let people enter our lives in the first place.

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