The Art of Patience

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I’m waiting for things these days. A phone call. An email. I find myself constantly refreshing screens and annoyed when nothing new comes up or stuff comes up that isn’t what I’m looking for … I know if I really want to be in touch with someone or get a response, I could just email/text/call myself, but somehow, it doesn’t feel like the right thing to do. And so I’m stuck in limbo.

My editor at Debtwire randomly sent this quote along as part of a work update:

“Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.” — Joyce Meyer Continue reading

The Bachelor in Santa Fe?

Home and HeartOn Home. On Heart.

I just can’t let this pass…

So this season of The Bachelor made a stop right here in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Now this should be a moment of excitement or pride for the State (maybe?), but in actuality it was quite funny insight into the Bachelor contestants. Really, I can’t write anything better than what this little clip courtesy of Ellen shows :

Getting out of the country? Really?

On a more positive note, I’ve been loving my time in Santa Fe and am making progress getting more connected and enjoying what New Mexico’s capital city offers me. Continue reading

Shiver me Tinder!

HeartOn Heart

Maybe a newer version of online dating will be the trick!

I still don’t have the swipe left, swipe right thing down for Tinder. But no need. Just a careful click of the “i“, a quick scroll through some pictures and maybe a minute to actually read the bits of bio provided, is sufficient enough to make me a threat.

Add in a gal pal who is fairly ruthless when it comes to “getting me out there” and I elevate quickly to a triple threat.

So I try to find the fun, the “woo-hoo!” when “It’s a Match!” comes flying up on the screen – basically meaning you both picked each other based on some pictures and tiny, useless information.

Are relationships really based on much more than 140 characters these days? I’m not sure. But this is my life now. Why not embrace it? Continue reading

The scares of health & healthcare

Friends and Health

On Health. On Friends. 

I had a moment of total terror last night.  I’d been having excruciating pain for a few days and finally had to give in and get to the Emergency Room.  I have to say, I was so glad I was with one of my best friends on this unforeseen adventure.  There was a super low point in the wee hours of the night when I was sure the news would be treacherous.  I thought to myself, over and over, “It’s okay, Jody.  You’ve had a great life.”  The pain was that bad and the fear was that much worse.

Turns out it’s not life-threatening, though still something I need to contend with.  What I realized through all of it was how awful it is to touch the healthcare system in the U.S. for fear of what everything is going to cost.  I still have no idea how much this adventure will set me back, but will just deal with it when “my portion” comes due in the mail. Continue reading

Home is …

Home and HeartOn Home

So I’ve been in San Francisco this past week for a couple of conferences. Let me sum it up by saying they were overwhelming and exhausting.  I’ve never in my life seen so many people turn out for conferences/networking/parties.  Clearly if you’re involved in healthcare, San Francisco is the place to be.  And the ticket to have is access to the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference.  Who knew?

I also attended a one-day Health 2.0 conference and did a few one-on-one interviews so, needless to say, it was a totally exhausting week for me.

Now that that’s behind me, I need to refocus on this city and looking at it with the eyes of “home”.  But strangely, I’m not quite feeling it yet.  To be honest, I kind of miss the quiet, mellowness of Santa Fe, New Mexico.  At first, when people kept asking me where I was from, I felt apologetic having to respond with Santa Fe as my answer.  But as the tiring week wore on, I started to love having something unique – an answer different from NY, D.C. or San Francisco.   Continue reading

2015 resolutions, intentions, goals – you know the drill!

Balanced pieOn 2015

On Heart. On Work. On Home. On Money. On Health. On Friends.

I woke up yesterday morning feeling a bit sad.

Here it is the start of a new year and it’s one I’m so looking forward to for so many reasons. Yet, there’s no denying that I was sad.

I think it was because I was leaving my parents house in New Jersey and heading back to Santa Fe later in the day. I got used to being “home”. It’s always easy to fall back into the quiet, uneventful, secure rhythm of life in Rockaway, New Jersey, but especially easy during the holidays. The week between Christmas and the New Year is my favorite time of year. It’s the one time where everything just seems to stop. Nothing but stillness as the world around me resets itself and the days seem endless. But it’s over now.

Now, I need to shift my attention forward and refocus on life balance and all the things I’m excited about in this coming year. Continue reading

Breaking up is hard to do

GE MoneyOn Money

I’m talking about my relationship with E-Trade!  I don’t care one way or another for the firm.  In fact, I find their analytic tools and trading platform much less sophisticated than Schwab’s, but I really like my main guy there.  He’s been the person I’ve spoken to about money and life, religiously. for the past two years.  We’ve had many conversations about how to balance the two given the changes I’ve undergone since quitting my finance job in 2012.  But he’s gotten a promotion and is less involved in me which I get.  Also, a couple of the managed accounts I’ve had with them have under-performed the markets overall which is not very impressive (while I still have to pay them the management fees)…

Overall, I can and need to do better managing my money on my own so the break-up was inevitable and a bit sad.

My income will be practically nothing this coming year (deliberately) and I’m really reliant on earning decent returns on my savings to pay my basic living expenses and more.  I spent almost an entire day going through my accounts and figuring out how to structure them once they migrate over to Charles Schwab (my new brokerage firm).  From there, I put together a shell of a budget for 2015 so I have an idea of what I’m going to do when and how I’m going to pay for it.  Not the world’s most fun, but I still got a great sense of satisfaction and peace of mind once I was done… Continue reading

Taking stock of friendship

Friends and Heart

On Friends. On Heart.

In NYC for a few days and then off to DC and Baltimore.  I was sort of dreading this trip since I was still so tired and jetlagged after my recent trip to Mozambique.  The trip itself was tiring since I barely slept, but the 30 plus hour flight back in coach with a woman whose arm kept digging into my side the entire time was brutal.  Needless to say I’ve no desire to do that sort of travel anymore.  It’s like something just clicked off despite how rewarding the work can be at certain moments.  That’s okay though.  Changes are good.

What I’m also realizing during this east coast sojourn is that I also need to pare down and prioritize my efforts with friends.  I have those friends who are dearest to my heart and they will always hold that place.  The friends I’m talking about the more occasional ones, the ones I see “when I’m in town” versus making the effort to be in town to see them. Continue reading

The Roosters are Back!

Work HealthOn Work. On Health.

I had a feeling it was coming.  The weather in Maxixe has been simply gorgeous – high 70’s and breezy, clear skies.  But the rainy season is lurking around the corner.  And I knew my room at the hotel in Maxixe was too good to be true:



The roosters are back in my life.  The Health Board workshop begins today and carries on for three days (into Saturday).  Our group meets at 7 a.m. for breakfast and I woke up at 3:15 a.m.  Thank you, rooster.  I think I’m delirious for lack of sleep since I’ve now named this rooster Itsallright.  Yup, all one word in fairly typical African fashion using positive phrases.  I thought about naming it Coconut, after the girl at the front desk, but since it’s a rooster, it wasn’t really gender appropriate.

Continue reading

Maxixe, Mozambique – ever heard of it?

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On Work.

This is a quick post. I’m about to head off to Africa to assist in a 3-day health board training workshop.  Mozambique to be exact.  Actually, to a town called Maxixe in Inhambane province.

Yeah, so the last thing I feel like doing is getting on a plane and flying around the world which is pretty much what I need to do:  Santa Fe to Denver – Denver to Washington DC – Washington DC to Johannesburg, South Africa (one night layover) – and then a flight the next day to Inhambane to arrive in the town of Maxixe.  I’m not even thinking about the total number of hours involved.  There’s no point.

Anyway, needless to say, I’m a reluctant traveler.  Another grueling flight, for another remote, jungle location.  I haven’t been excited at all about going to Mozambique, even though it’s a new country for me, and have been glad in some ways that my stay would be very short (excluding the flights).

But today I finally made an effort to see exactly where I was about to go. Continue reading